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[EN] CBT Nuggets Cisco CCNA Security 640-553: IINS(Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security - Методы защиты сети на основе Cisco IOS) [wmv, 2008]
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CBT Nuggets Cisco CCNA Security 640-553: IINS

Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Trainer: Jeremy Cioara
Running Time: 12 Hours (Includes 20 Videos )
Price: 299$

full description:

Heres what youll learn in each video of the Cisco CCNA Security - Exam-Pack 640-553: IINS Series:

Video 1 - "Welcome to CCNA Security: Cisco Certification and Getting the Most from This Series" - With every new program, there is typically an included "Read Me First" text file. In the same sense, consider this nugget the "Watch Me First" of the series. This nugget presents the strategies you can use for getting the most from the series, changes to the Cisco certification program, and the ideal CCNA Security lab environment.

Video 2 - "Welcome to CCNA Security: Understanding the Threats" - Its impossible to defend against something you dont understand. In this nugget, Jeremy defines the goal behind having a secure network and the categories of intruders and attacks.

Video 3 - "Welcome to CCNA Security: Understanding the Threats, Part 2" - Jeremy continues defining the properties of a secure network by discussing many of the network attacks you can face and a general mitigation strategy. In addition, Jeremy discusses the components behind the Cisco Self-Defending Network system.

Video 4 - "Foundation Router Security: Using SDM to Lock Down Your Router" - The Cisco Security Device Manager (SDM) is a powerful graphic interface you can use to manage your router and perform complex tasks with the click of a mouse button. This nugget walks through the process of configuring your router to support Cisco SDM and using the SDM to perform a security audit or one-step lockdown of your device.

Video 5 - "Foundation Router Security: Implementing Secure Router Management" - One of the first areas of security you should consider is the management traffic between you and the network devices. In this nugget, Jeremy describes creating an Out Of Band (OOB) management network and three areas of network management: syslog, SNMP, and SSH.

Video 6 - "Foundation Router Security: Understanding and Implementing AAA" - AAA is more than just roadside assistance; it represents authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) methods you can use on a Cisco device. This nugget describes the concepts behind AAA and walks through the setup of a AAA device and the Cisco ACS TACACS+ server.

Video 7 - "Foundation Router Security: Using IOS-based Tools for Administrative Access" - While server security is essential, network security is of the utmost importance. One of the first network areas requiring more security is the area of administrative access. By default Cisco switches and routers will allow someone to attempt to logon to the device infinitely. This nugget focuses on locking down this logon prompt, configuring role-based access (sub-administrators), and securing the IOS and configuration files on your devices.

Video 8 - "Foundation Router Security: Becoming an ACL Wizard" - Understanding the implementation of Access Control Lists (ACLs) is critical for any Cisco environment, however, you can apply ACLs in more ways than one. In this nugget, Jeremy walks through guidelines for using ACLs followed by four practical scenarios of ACL implementation.

Video 9 - "Foundation Switch Security: Locking Down the Catalyst Switch" - In this nugget, all eyes turn to the internal network as Jeremy discusses Layer 2 security for your network. This initial nugget explores the reasons for L2 security, common attacks at L2, and concludes with one of the core mitigation techniques: port security.

Video 10 - "Foundation Switch Security: Locking
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