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[EN] Michael Shannon. Cbt Nuggets 642-524 SNAF (Security Network with ASA Fundamentals - Основы безапастности сети на Cisco ASA)
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SNAF(Security Network with ASA Fundamentals)

Автор курса: Майкл Шенон/Michael Shannon
Тема: Технологии безопастности сетей на основе CISCO ASA (old tech PIX)
Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский[EN]


Video 1 - "Introduction to SNAF" - This opening nugget is an overview of the exam objectives as well as a look at the entire nugget series.

Video 2 - "ASA Features and Technology" - Here we explore the functionality of the three types of firewalls are used to secure our network infrastructure. You will learn the technology and features of Cisco various security appliances.

Video 3 - "PIX and ASA Product Line" - This nugget is a survey of the different Cisco ASA and PIX security appliance models. The Cisco ASA security appliance licensing options are also covered as well.

Video 4 - "Security Appliance basics" - In this knowledge packed SNAF nugget well find out about the four main access modes, appliance file management system, security levels, ASDM requirements and capabilities, using the CLI to configure and verify basic network settings, prepare the ASA for configuration via Cisco ASDM, and finally verification of ASA configuration and licensing via Cisco ASDM.

Video 5 - "Configuring the ASA" - This vital nugget explores the configuration of ASA for basic network connectivity which includes verifying the initial configuration, setting the clock and synchronizing the time on a security appliance. Youll also configure a security appliance to send syslog messages to a syslog server.

Video 6 - "Translations and Connection (Part 1)" - This important SNAF module describes how the TCP and UDP protocols function within the security appliance. In addition the dynamic address translations are defined and configured.

Video 7 - "Translations and Connection (Part 2)" - This follow-up nugget describes and configures port address translation along with static address translations. The process of setting connection limits is also covered.

Video 8 - "ACLs and Content Filtering" - This nugget will introduce you to the explanation and configuration appliance ACLs. You will configure active code filtering (Microsoft ActiveX and Java applets) as well as configure the security appliance for URL filtering.

Video 9 - "Object Grouping" - Welcome to the wonderful and optimizing world of object grouping. Learn all about the object grouping feature of the security appliance and its advantages - an advantage youll see time and again throughout this nugget series. You will also learn to configure object groups and use them in ACLs.

Video 10 - "Switching and Routing" - In this gem we cover the configuration of logical interfaces and VLANs on the switching side and on the routing side we look at static routes, static route tracking, and the dynamic routing capabilities of Cisco security appliances and configure passive RIP routing.

Video 11 - "Cut-Through Proxy" - This one explores AAA functions, local user database configuration, installation and configuration of Cisco Secure ACS, cut-through proxy authentication, and configuring user authorization using downloadable ACLs.

Video 12 - "Cisco Modular Policy Framework" - MPF is a powerful policy language for the ASA and in this nugget youll learn about the Cisco Modular Policy Framework feature set; the functionality of class maps, policy maps and service policies; how to use the Cisco ASDM to configure a service policy rule and a policy for management traffic, Finally, the technique for displaying Cisco Modular Policy Framework component will be covered.

Video 13 - "Advanced Protocol Handling and Threat Detection" - This SNAF nugget combines two powerful features. The topics covered include: the need for advanced protocol handling; how the security appliance implements inspection o
dbce509c2af841267eb6d00ea6a35cde2f7f1767[EN] Michael Shannon. Cbt Nuggets 642-524 SNAF (Security Network with ASA Fundamentals - Основы безапастности сети на Cisco ASA) [EN] Michael Shannon. Cbt Nuggets 642-524 SNAF (Security Network with ASA Fundamentals - Основы безапастности сети на Cisco ASA) " />

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