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[Видеоуроки] Autodesk / Autodesk 3ds Max Techniques Collections [MOV,HDRip,1024х768]
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Autodesk 3ds Max Techniques Collections

Производство: Autodesk
Год выпуска: 2005-2008
Жанр: Обучающее видео
Язык: Английский

"открыть" ▼Achieve Believable Lip Synchroniszation in 3ds Max:
Your Media Key is: 002-02212008-080
URL: http://store.autodesk.com/DRHM/servlet/ControllerSe...ductID=104285800

Product Details
Skill Level: Intermediate
Format: e-DVD [approx. 84 minutes]
Date Published: March 2008
* Instructor notes & Support files

Learning Objectives
* Traditional Animation Approaches
* 3D Typical Approaches, visemes
* Create and enhance morph targets
* Lip-sync process, and automation of the lip-sync process
* Reference Books, Q&A Session

Advanced Animation Effects Using Simple But Effective Rigs:
Your Media Key is: 07-2012-08
URL: http://store.autodesk.com/DRHM/servlet/ControllerSe...oductID=98743600

Product Details
Skill Level: Intermediate
Format: e-DVD [approx. 67 minutes]
Date Published: December 2007
* Instructor notes and Support files

Anaglyph Stereoscopy Techniques:
This presentation covers the theory and practice of furthering the illusion of 3D by using stereoscopic techniques. Louis covers the approach of an easy camera setup with rules for efficiency. Next, he demonstrates the process of a true camera setup. Finally, Louis explains the method of anaglyph stereoscopy for red/blue glasses. This includes a chapter on compositing in Autodesk Combustion. Please note that although much of the presentation is conducted in 3dsMax, these techniques can be applied in Maya as well.

Use this serial : 04-2012-016

Design Visualization:
Focus is on 3ds Max as a tool for presenting client visions such as architectural and product designs The primary focus will be on materials and lighting within 3ds Max Includes integration with Autodesk Combustion will also be explored including RPF, the discreet olor Corrector and Render Elements Authored by Gary Davis, certified training specialist for 3dsMax, Combustion and Toxik. He regularly acts as instructor at the Oregon3D and Planet Digital training centers

Learning Objectives:

Architectural designs
Product designs
Materials and lighting
Integration with Autodesk Combustion
Discreet Color Corrector
Render Elements.

Use this serial : 002-05142007-080

Film Visual Effects in 3ds Max:
The first part of this class will overview the process for creating digital pyrotechnics through particles and fluid simulations. Explosions, fire, smoke and various other effects as well as various creature effects. NOTE: The techniques demonstrated in this presentation equire the following plug-ins: FumeFX created by Sitni Sati (available on the Autodesk eStore) and Particle Flow Tools created by Orbaz Technologies.

Use this serial : 002-06212007-075

Hair And Fur in Commercial Production:
Your Media Key is: 002-01282008-080

Product Details
Skill Level: Advanced
Format: e-DVD [approx. 75 minutes]
Date Published: January 2008
* Instructor notes and Support files

Rapid Tools Development:
Rapid Tools Development will focus on best practices for user interface creation and the optimal workflows for designing artistic tools in the shortest time possible Authored by Borislav "Bobo" Petrov, Technical Director of Visual Effects at Frantic Films
Learning Objectives: User interface creation Optimal workflows for designing artistic tools

Use this serial : 002-04282007-070

The Emergence Of The Architectural Film Using 3ds Max In Architectural Animation:
- Using the language of filmmaking, visual effects, motion design, and architectural illustration, explore elements of pre-production such as pre-visualization and animatics
- Animation with a heavy emphasis on camera moves
- Post-production techniques inclu
a7b1e832c957bd19c86a602f3e276b872a2eae0f[Видеоуроки] Autodesk / Autodesk 3ds Max Techniques Collections [MOV,HDRip,1024х768] [Видеоуроки] Autodesk / Autodesk 3ds Max Techniques Collections [MOV,HDRip,1024х768] " />

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