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[Видеоуроки] Digital Tutors / Introduction to CINEMA 4D R14 [mp4, HD, 1280x720]
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Introduction to CINEMA 4D R14
Digital Tutors
Год выпуска:
In this CINEMA 4D tutorial, we will provide you with a good understanding of how to work within CINEMA 4D. You will learn from several of the instructors here at Digital-Tutors, as we go through many of the major parts of the software, and help you become a more effective CINEMA 4D artist. We will begin our training by exploring the user interface, and discussing a number of features and concepts that will be very important to know as we start to delve deeper into the software. From this point, we will walk step-by-step through the process of modeling and texturing our own futuristic flying vehicle using CINEMA 4D and the built-in BodyPaint texturing suite. We will also guide you through the entire process of rigging this vehicle for movement, and then animating the takeoff and flying sequence for this project. From there, we will learn how to use the standard CINEMA 4D particle system to create realistic steam for the refueling hose of our aircraft, and we will guide you through the process of setting up the lights, shadows, and using many rendering features in CINEMA 4D to finish out this whole project. Finally, we will finish this CINEMA 4D tutorial by taking you through MoGraph, an extremely powerful toolset in CINEMA 4D that will allow you to create highly complex, very detailed motion graphics with minimal effort.

"содержание" ▼Lesson 1
Introduction and project overview
Lesson 2
Moving in the 3D workspace
Lesson 3
Viewport shading and display settings
Lesson 4
Transforming objects in CINEMA 4D
Lesson 5
Exploring the Attribute Manager
Lesson 6
Exploring the Object Manager
Lesson 7
The importance of hierarchy in CINEMA 4D
Lesson 8
Collecting project assets
Lesson 9
Using Tags in CINEMA 4D
Lesson 10
Keyboard shortcuts in CINEMA 4D
Lesson 11
Using the Heads Up Display (HUD)
Lesson 12
Advanced viewport display options
Lesson 13
Modeling overview
Lesson 14
Building the base from a parametric primitive
Lesson 15
Shaping the capsule base
Lesson 16
Detaching the canopy and landing gear
Lesson 17
Extruding the capsule interior
Lesson 18
Modeling the cushioned seat
Lesson 19
Using the sculpting tools
Lesson 20
Building the control panel
Lesson 21
Building the antenna base
Lesson 22
Modeling the antenna array
Lesson 23
Building a vent using Cloners
Lesson 24
Modeling the thruster with splines
Lesson 25
Projecting splines to create lights
Lesson 26
Adding detail to the canopy
Lesson 27
Creating the large wing pivots with splines
Lesson 28
Combining splines to create the wing outline
Lesson 29
Deforming the wing geometry
Lesson 30
Smoothing out the wings
Lesson 31
Creating the back fin using splines
Lesson 32
Modeling the outer rim of the fans
Lesson 33
Creating the fan blades using Cloners
Lesson 34
Adding detail to the front of the wings
Lesson 35
Building the wing struts using polygons
Lesson 36
Detailing the main landing gear
Lesson 37
Modeling spline-based landing gear pieces
Lesson 38
Adding pistons using primitives
Lesson 39
Cleaning up the scene
Lesson 40
Importing external geometry
Lesson 41
Materials and textures overview
Lesson 42
Applying simple materials
Lesson 43
Using Selection Tags
Lesson 44
Working with UVs
Lesson 45
Adding procedural textures
Lesson 46
Using material presets
Lesson 47
Adding bump maps and transparency
Lesson 48
Projecting texture maps
Lesson 49
Creating textures with BodyPaint
Lesson 50
Rigging overview
Lesson 51
A look at the aircraft rig
Lesson 52
Cleaning up the scene
Lesson 53
Creating control curves
Lesson 54
Working with Groups
Lesson 55
Modifying an objects axis
Lesson 56
User Data
Lesson 57
Lesson 58
Setting Driven Keys in CINEMA 4D
Lesson 59
Automating animation with Xpresso
Lesson 60
Rigging the ai
29ffbc76d3eadd6f8e10486310be7bcb36fa29da[Видеоуроки] Digital Tutors / Introduction to CINEMA 4D R14 [mp4, HD, 1280x720] [Видеоуроки] Digital Tutors / Introduction to CINEMA 4D R14 [mp4, HD, 1280x720] " />

Аплоадер: Админ, дата: 3-12-2013, 20:00, торрент скачан: 359 раз

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