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MainConcept Codec Suite 5 (Plug-In for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5) 5.0 x64 [2010, ENG]
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MainConcept Codec Suite 5 (Plug-In for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5) 5.0 x64

Год выпуска: 2010
Номер версии: 5.0.1
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Разработчик: http://www.mainconcept.com
Поддерживаемые OS: XP/Vista/7x64
Лекарство: Присутствует

Системные требования:
MainConcept Codec Suite 5 is available for Microsoft Windows (64-bit). It is designed to work on any PC which meets Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 minimum system requirements.
Requires Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 (does not work with any version below CS5)
Additional requirements for CUDA H.264/AVC encoding: NVIDIA video card with CUDA support (any GeForce 8, 9, 100, 200-series GPUs, Quadro FX, Quadro CX, Fermi, Tesla with a minimum of 256 MB of local graphics memory card or 512 MB for 1920x1080p encoding).
CUDA architecture 1.1 and higher is strongly recommended (any card except of 8800 GTS, 8800 Ultra, 8800 GTX and some Fermi’s, Tesla’s and Quadro’s). Architecture 1.0 works in general for encoding, but has known issues.
In addition to these requirements, video editing requires that your system is operating smoothly.

Описание: MainConcept Codec Suite 5, the successor to the popular MPEG Pro HD plug-in from MainConcept, is a set of full-featured, native 64-bit editing and export Plug-Ins for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5.

Codec Suite 5 offers full support for the Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2 AVC-Intra and DVCPRO camcorder and deck generations as well as for the Ikegami GFCAM and Canon XF series. It offers full MPEG-1/2, DVCPRO and H.264/AVC encoding support, including Smart Rendering for MPEG-1/2, DVCPRO and AVC-Intra.* MainConcept Codec Suite 5 comes in two different versions and with an additional Dolby Digital Professional audio add-on as well to suit the needs of all users working with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 from the digital media enthusiast to professionals working with production level media formats:
Codec Suite 5.0 Professional: For CS5 users who need advanced encoding options, H.264/AVC CUDA encoding and Smart Rendering.
Codec Suite 5.0 Broadcast: For CS5 users who need advanced encoding options, H.264/AVC CUDA encoding, Smart Rendering and who also need to input from and output to various production level media formats.
Dolby Digital Professional Add-On for CodecSuite 5: For CS5 users needing to encode sequences to the Dolby Digital Pro format in stereo or 5.1 channels and also optimize their audio streams with high end options.

MainConcept Codec Suite 5 supports an even wider range of formats than previous versions and provides numerous ready-to-use sequence and export presets for consumers as well as professional users. Advanced export options allow specifying the desired stream parameters in detail. Codec Suite 5 is also the perfect software for broadcast production environments that make use of high-end devices for professional content creation and editing.

Here are the key features of the MainConcept Codec Suite 5:
MPEG-1/2, DVCPRO, AVC-Intra Smart Rendering to optimize the editing workflow with Premiere Pro.*
Dolby Digital Professional 5.1 Add-On to support Blu-ray Disc, AVCHD and DVD creation
MPEG-2, DVCPRO and AVC-Intra in generic MXF OP1-a and OP-Atom containers.**
CUDA H.264/AVC Encoding support for GPU based accelerated H.264/AVC encoding for selected presets (performance gain depends on the timeline complexity).
Export up to 6 channels AES-3 audio in XDCAM, P2 and generic MXF formats

*General H.264/AVC Smart Rendering support is scheduled for an upcoming update.
**Generic MXF AVC-Intra currently only supports import of OP-1a.

Both the Professional and Broadcast versions of Codec Suite 5 turn MPEG-1/2 and H.264/AVC editing with Premiere Pro CS5 into a productive, high-quality workflow. They come with CUDA accelerated H.264/AVC encoding that offers export of your projects by making use of Nvidia’s GPU hardware acceleration architecture. The ultra-fast smart rendering for MPEG-1/2, AVC-Intra and DVC
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