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[Видеоуроки] Digital Tutors / Getting Started with NUKE [MP4, HD, 1280x720]
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Getting Started with NUKE

Digital Tutors
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Digital Tutors - Getting Started with NUKE
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NUKE 7.0

Вводный курс по программе NUKE 7.0. Робот с "пиу-пиу" бластером возвращается, но теперь вместо родного 3D мира, он безобразничает на реальной улице.
Оригинальное описание:
▼In this series of NUKE lessons, we are going to go over the basics that you need to know when getting started with NUKE.

We start off by learning how to navigate the interface of NUKE, and then how to get our images into NUKE to start compositing. Youll learn many different useful and basic nodes that are essential to every compositors workflow, as well as a few fun nodes that will help to give your project some personality.

This tutorial is full of the helpful tips and tricks that you need to know to begin your journey of becoming a great compositor. We really wanted you to be able to see results quickly after watching this training, so we are going at a step-by-step pace for compositing a CG robot into a street scene.

By taking this start-to-finish project approach, you will end with not only a solid understanding of the basics of NUKE, but a finished, composited shot you can be proud of.
01. Introduction and project overview

02. User Interface basics and reading images into NUKE

03. Playing back videos and changing Project Settings

04. What is Merging?

05. Creating a basic track

06. How do we move images in our frame?

07. What is Rotoscoping?

08. Color Correction

09. Using the RotoPaint node to clean footage errors

10. Editing a difficult track to use for the gun flare

11. Creating a Flare node for the gun

12. Setting and moving keyframes

13. Combining the Blur and Roto nodes for depth of field

14. Organizing your node tree

15. Writing images out of NUKEf NUKE

1280x720 (16:9), 15 fps, AVC ~1100 kbps
32 kHz, AAC, 2 ch, ~192 kbbps

81c33543868faa5e1e0330dd7355e02a1fde62e9[Видеоуроки] Digital Tutors / Getting Started with NUKE [MP4, HD, 1280x720] [Видеоуроки] Digital Tutors / Getting Started with NUKE [MP4, HD, 1280x720] " />

Аплоадер: Админ, дата: 13-08-2013, 11:04, торрент скачан: 359 раз

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