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Producer Loops - Dark Tech Progressions Vol.3 [Wav, Rex2, Midi]
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Producer Loops - Dark Tech Progressions Vol.3

Название фирмы-производителя: Producer Loops
Hомер библиотеки: Vol.3
Название библиотеки: Dark Tech Progressions
Источник: www.producerloops.com/Download-Producer-Loops-Dark-Tech-Progressions-Vol-3.html
Формат: Wav, Rex2, Midi
Битрейт: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Описание: Третья коллекция сэмплов и ван-шотов Dark Tech Progressions которая отличается своими отполированными и атмосферными звуками в форматах WAV,REX и MIDI куда вошли редкие басовые линии, окружающая среда, богатые эффекты и мощные ударные!

Оригинальное описание:

Dark Tech Progressions Vol 3 completes this series of polished and atmospheric Construction Kits, with 5 royalty-free Construction Kits bringing you the finest funky shuffled grooves and after-party vibes. Sparse bass lines, ambient pads, rich FX and powerful drums & percussion make this an unmissable pack.

Complete the Dark Tech experience with Dark Tech Progressions Vol 3. Youll find 5 deep and moody Construction Kits guaranteed to keep the party going until the sun comes up. Everything you need is included, from fat quirky bass lines to vocal fragments and a whole assortment of pads, synths and FX.

In addition to these 5 kits - totaling more than 700MB per format - you also get a bonus folder which includes 33 additional loops, all of the same high quality and all optimized to work with Sony ACID, Logic Pro, Garage Band and any other software which supports time stretching and pitch correction.

MIDI and one-shots complete the feature set, giving you all of the tools you need to fully customize your next Dark Tech House production. Read on to find out more!

About MIDI:
Like many other Producer Loops releases, Dark Tech Progressions Vol 3 features a number of MIDI loops allowing you to play back the melodic content in this pack through your favorite sampler, synth or virtual instrument.

Unlike pre-rendered audio, MIDI can be transposed and tempo scaled with absolutely no glitching. You could even use the melodic content in conjunction with other Producer Loops Titles even if theyre in a totally different style.

Load the one-shots into your favorite sampler and construct the ultimate Dark Tech drum kit, or use the various loop fragments to create new variations on the percussive and top loops found in the main mixes.

Main Mix Loops:
Each main mix has been divided into smaller, more manageable chunks of 16 - 32 beats, and will fully conform to the tempo of your project. These Main Mix loops are perfect for DJs who want to assemble complete sections of the songs in the least time possible, so all you have to concentrate on is keeping the dance floor packed.

About the Producer:
This pack was created by producer and live artist Oriol Benedet. His current projects, Soul of Life and Funkadub see him working with talented musicians like Hubert Tubbs, Oscar Aguilera, Supernova, Audio junkies and Iban Dasca, to name a few. His club mixes and remixes for labels like Darkroom Dubs, Lapsus Music and Travelling Soul Recordings among others, have earned him support and recognition by artists including Silicone Soul and Laurent Garnier.

В раздаче:

- DTP3 - Bang Bang Kit - ACID WAV
- DTP3 - Bonus Folder - ACID WAV
- DTP3 - M91 Kit - ACID WAV
- DTP3 - Sam Gruv Kit - ACID WAV
- DTP3 - Soho Kit - ACID WAV
- DTP3 - Tech Flash Kit - ACID WAV
- DTP3 - Bang Bang Kit - Rex
- DTP3 - Bonus Folder - Rex
- DTP3 - M91 Kit - Rex
- DTP3 - Sam Gruv Kit - Rex
- DTP3 - Soho Kit - Rex
- DTP3 - Tech Flash Kit - Rex

86c54e8dbc33a0e9a8193c1f44637f903e723492Producer Loops - Dark Tech Progressions Vol.3 [Wav, Rex2, Midi] Producer Loops - Dark Tech Progressions Vol.3 [Wav, Rex2, Midi] " />

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