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Cakewalk SONAR Producer X1b Update
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SONAR X1b Update x32x64

Год выпуска: 2011
Номер версии: X1b
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Разработчик: Cakewalk
Поддерживаемые OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Платформа: x86/x64

Системные требования:
* Процессор: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.67 GHz;
* Память: 1 Gb;
* Видео-карта: 128 Mb;
* Свободное место на диске:

Данный файл для загрузки включает обновления для всех поддерживаемых языков и операционных систем и относится как к 32, так и к64-разрядным версиям SONAR X1. Для установки этого обновления необходимо иметь SONAR X1 и обновление SONAR x1aуже установленное на вашем компьютере.

Подробнее, на английском языке: ▼Enhancements and Features in SONAR X1b

EQ and ProChannel for Surround Busses
In SONAR X1b it is now possible to apply the ProChannel (Producer only) and the Sonitus:fx EQ (Studio only) to Surround Busses.This addresses a number of issues, including potential crash issues with Sonitus:fx EQ being moved to the FX bin when loading a project saved in SONAR 8.5.
It is not possible to access the Surround Bridge UI for the Sonitus:fx EQ or ProChannel when used on Surround Busses.This means that un-linking channels and other Surround Bridge options are not available.

Sidechaining is not possible with the surround-bridged ProChannel compressors (Producer only)

Auto-Enable for ProChannel Modules (Producer only)
ProChannel modules will now auto-enable when used for the first time.Please note the following:

The first time a control is touched or moved within a given module, it will turn the respective module ON

Any subsequent changes to any control in the same module (other than the enable/disable command) will not enable or disable the module

This command is persisted per-module, per track and per project - once a specific module has auto-enabled once, it will not auto-enable a second time

ProChannel Freezes with Track (Producer only)
When freezing a track the ProChannel will now freeze as well.In order to reflect this, the ProChannel will become grayed-out.When the track is un-frozen the ProChannel will be re-enabled.

V-Studio 700
An updated control surface plug-in for the VS-700 is included with SONAR X1b.A full pdf of changes is available here. In summary:

ProChannel support added to the CHANNEL STRIP CONTROL (Producer only)

Updated controls in the ACCESS PANEL as well as updated functionality to mirror workflow changes in X1

Addressed other workflow and controls from 8.5 to X1

V-Studio 20
A new version of the VS-20 control surface plug-in is included with X1b.This update now allows for the DAW OUTPUT control on the VS-20 hardware to control both the left and right faders of the hardware Main Output in SONAR

V-Vocal Update
V-Vocal has been updated with SONAR X1b, issues addressed include:

Fixed a potential crash that could occur when changing time durations of a V-Vocal clip

Fixed a potential crash that could occur when removing a V-Vocal clip

Fixed a potential crash that could occur when adjusting a V-Vocal clip

Addressed an error with looping V-Vocal clips

Included several general stability improvements when working with V-Vocal

Console Layout Updates
SONAR X1b includes updates and improvements for the Console Strips including:

Removed drop arrows and overlay icons from controls in Narrow Strips, allowing additional characters to be displayed

Adjusted labels and label positions on various controls
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