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Cakewalk Sonar Producer Update
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Cakewalk Sonar Producer Update

Номер версии: v8.5.2.22
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Поддерживаемые OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista

Системные требования: минимальные

Очередное обновление дляSONAR 8
Подробное описание, к сожалению, только на английском языке.

Дополнительная информация:

Issues Resolved in SONAR 8.5.2

•Event list view was not accessible

•Accelerator keys fixed for the following: Audio Effects Dialog, Audio Options
•Using keybinding to arm a track did not always work while a project was playing
•Can now change focus in Track view to the Track Inspector
•Extra Encoding Options was missing a keyboard accelerator
•Insert Tracks dialog had incorrect or missing accelerator keys
•Paste | Advanced dialog had missing accelerator keys

•Arpeggiator user interface would remain on after an instrument track was frozen
•Arpeggiator widget group would not appear unless FX Bin was also enabled
•Extra root notes played quietly when using "Rhythms" presets
•Arpeggiator introduced random, flammed or doubled notes when using some pattern-based presets
•Open Preset dialog did not always remember last folder location
•Velocity control had slightly different behavior for Rhythm Only shapes

•Clicking Set Clip from Project would sometimes cause SONAR to crash under specific conditions
•SONAR would sometimes crash when choosing Set Measure/Beat at Now
•Improved results using Threshold control
•MIDI events could not be quantized in the AudioSnap Pool

•MIDI events would not snap to transients in the AudioSnap Pool
•Tab to Transients in the PRV always followed the first track rather than the selected track
•Using Copy as MIDI would paste notes at 100% duration, making it difficult to work with
•Clicking AudioSnap Enable/Disable button would sometimes hide the waveform of the clip
•AudioSnap Enable did not light up in the palette after selecting "Edit Clip Map"
•The AudioSnap Palette would always re-open on the primary monitor, even when closed from a secondary monitor
•Drag/scroll did not work with the Transient Tool when selecting transient markers off screen
•When adding envelope nodes at transient markers, nodes were created for disabled markers
•SONAR would temporarily hang when adding envelope nodes at transients
•After splitting a clip with transient markers on, markers on right-side clip remained on after switching tools
•Transient markers sometimes appeared on Groove Clips
•Transient markers were not displayed on frozen clips after freezing an instrument track
•Projects sometimes took a very long time to load, due to AudioSnap performing tempo detection on load
•Tempo detection is now performed on a clip the first time an AudioSnap command is applied to a clip
•Duplicate tempo candidates sometimes appeared in the Average Tempo list
•SONAR was not always able to copy the clip tempo to the project tempo when choosing "Set Project from Clip" if the selected clip was at the start of a project
•F1 Help did not always open for the AudioSnap Palette

•Automation envelopes were sometimes excluded when copying data from instrument tracks
•Clip automation envelopes were sometimes deleted from a clip when an overlapping clip on another layer was deleted

•Copying clips with clip envelopes into tracks with layers sometimes caused the clip envelopes to stop working
•Automation Write button in synth plug-in header did not always arm all automatable parameters

Cakewalk Plug-ins
•External Insert did not always properly compensate for latency while recording
•Under some circumstances, Channel Tools would cause overs and stop the audio engine

•For VX-64, PX-64 & TL-64, changing parameters from a control surface did not update the graphics in the UI
•VX-64 & PX-64 dynamics and delay modules would somet
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Аплоадер: Админ, дата: 17-12-2009, 22:49, торрент скачан: 359 раз

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