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(2007) Sound Documents of Chinese Xinjiang Uyghur Muqam Music / Звуковые Документы Уйгурской Музыки и Мукамов (Ватан)(3 CDs anthology + Book) [MP3, 320/CBR]
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Исполнитель: Uyghur / Уйгуры
Жанр: World / Ethnic / Uyghur Muqam / Народная Уйгурская
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: Uyghur / Уйгурский / Chinese (Book) / Китайский (книга)
Формат: MP3
Битрейт: 320 Kbps
Тип битрейта: CBR
Книга: JPG 79шт (3310*2340)
Продолжительность: 03.50.29

Эти 3CD Диска Антология является частью выпуска: Звуковые Документы Уйгурской Музыки и Мукамов Ватана (Китай),Фото Инструментов, изданная Китайской Центральной Музыкальной Консерваторией. Фильмы и музыка были собраны в четыре периода: 1950-ые, 1960-ые, 1980-ые, и 1990-ые и до сих пор. Нет конкретной даты каждого следа в книге, поэтому все следы не имеют цифрового ремастеринга, таким образом качество звука иногда очень плохое (оригинал), очевидно то что большинство этой коллекции очень драгоценно и никогда неиздавалась даже в Китае до 2007 года.

▼This 3CD anthology is a part of the Book: Instruments Pics, Sound Documents of Chinese xinjiang Uighur Muqam Music, published by Chinese Central Conservatory Of Music. The pics and the musics were collected in four periods: 1950s, 1960s, 1980s, and 1990s up to now. there is no definitive date for each track in the book, and it seems that all tracks have no digital remastering so some sound quarlity are too bad, but obviously most of these recordings were very precious and never released openly even in China.

Music of the Uyghurs

The Xinjiang Uyghur Muqam is the general term for a variety of Muqam practices widespread among people in the
Xinjiang Uygur Autonmous Region. Xinjiang Uyghur Muqam is a composite of songs, dances, folk and classical music,
and is characterized by a diversity of content, dance styles, musical morphology and instruments.
The lyrics contain not only folk ballads but also poems written by classical Uyghur masters. Thus, the songs
reflect a wide range of styles such as poetry, proverbs, folk narratives and popular topics such as the praise
of love and contemplation of life, reflecting the history and contemporary life of Uyghur society.
The music of the Uyghur Muqam is characterized by variations and the continuity of musical patterns, indicating
a close affinity with the musical culture of Chinas central plains. The dancing skills involve unique steps,
rhythms and formations as well as figures such as flower-picking-by-mouth, bowl-carrying-on-head and imitation
of animals in solo dances.
The Xinjiang Uyghur Muqam has developed four main regional styles, namely the Twelve Muqam, Turpan Muqam , Hami
Muqam and Dolan Muqam,Twelve Muqam is known as the "mother of Uygur music." Legend has it in the mid-16th century,
aided by other musicians, the imperial concubine Amannisahan of the Yarkant Kingdom, who was also an esteemed
poetess and musician, devoted all her efforts to collecting and compiling Muqam music, which was then scattered
across areas populated by Uygur. She finally worked out 12 grand, yet light and entertaining compositions that
are now known as the Twelve Muqam.
The Twelve Muqam consist of sung poetry, stories, dance tunes and instrumental sections. Some of the lyrics of
the Muqam are drawn from the great Central Asian Chagatay poets.
After the founding of new China (1949), the local government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region made every
effort possible to preserve the Twelve Muqam. The whole set of the Twelve Muqam consists of 360 different
melodies and takes over 24 hours to play in full.

2 Xinjiang Uyghur MuqamoTurpan Muqam

Declarer: Shanshan County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonmous Region.
Each of the Turpan Muqam generally corresponds to one mode, and each is about thirty minutes in length.
Although no information on its historical transmission is currently available, musically there is much to
link the Turpan Muqam to the chong n?ghm? of the Twelve Muqam.
While the section names differ, there is correspondence in overall structure, rhythmic cycles and melodic
material. The preferred
62dac4cb53905babe0928bec09f878a53bd86a05(2007) Sound Documents of Chinese Xinjiang Uyghur Muqam Music / Звуковые Документы Уйгурской Музыки и Мукамов (Ватан)(3 CDs anthology + Book) [MP3, 320/CBR] (2007) Sound Documents of Chinese Xinjiang Uyghur Muqam Music / Звуковые Документы Уйгурской Музыки и Мукамов (Ватан)(3 CDs anthology + Book) [MP3, 320/CBR] " />

Аплоадер: Админ, дата: 26-10-2009, 18:27, торрент скачан: 359 раз

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