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(2012) Bobby Hagens / My Beautiful Mind (Hip-Hop) [MP3, 128 kbps/CBR]
(голосов: 1)


Bobby Hagens - My Beautiful Mind
Исполнитель: Bobby Hagens
Альбом: My Beautiful Mind
Тип альбома: Mixtape
Год выпуска: 2012
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Формат: MP3
Битрейт: 128 kbps
Тип битрейта: CBR
Продолжительность: 00:43:03
Об иполнителе: ▼Bobby Hagens, the 23 year-old Maryland Artist/Songwriter and the head of the Movado Music Group (MVG) has dedicated his debut mixtape titled "My Beautiful Mind" to connecting with his audience and letting them into his inner thoughts and life.A closer look into his lyrics will reveal his true passions and the message of embracing ones identity.

Bobby has always been a firm believer in the saying, "We have to be patient, timing is everything."He has been eager to share his talent and this is his time.With only 8 months of being a professional in his craft, Bobby went about his first project "My Beautiful Mind" like a veteran.Within those few months he has collaborated with other distinguished artists such as Fat Trel, Phil Ade, and producer Mark Henry."My Beautiful Mind" was purposely constructed by Bobby to make each track relatable to his listeners.Every song was originated and inspired by his personal visions, real life experiences, and his love for music.

During the summer of 2011, Bobby began assembling a team to partake on his journey to success as an artist in the entertainment industry.Immediately Bobby knew he could rely on his two childhood friends Gene Edwards and Devin Paige.Gene Edwards, who had recently received his degree in Business Administration was eager and prepared to take on the duty of Manager of MVG. While working towards a degree in Marketing, Devin Paige developed and perfected a skill in production, he too was ready and able to actively participate as Producer of MVG. Through sacrifice, diligence, long nights at the studio, and faith in one another Bobby, Devin, and Genedevised a lasting plan to become a TIMELESS brand. With that "Movado Music Group" (MVG) was established.In the fall of 2011 they met an artist, Drew Reigns. Bobby recognized his talent and brought him into MVG. With such a strong team and strong vision the possibilities for Bobby Hagens and MVG are endless.2012 started off right with the release of "My Beautiful Mind" (2/29/2012) and will continue to be memorable as Bobby leads a year of success. Photo ▼
[03:16] 01. Bobby Hagens - My Beautiful Mind
[03:40] 02. Bobby Hagens - Love of Lies feat. Drew Reigns
[02:08] 03. Bobby Hagens - Memories in September
[02:32] 04. Bobby Hagens - Friday Nite feat. Fat Trel
[02:37] 05. Bobby Hagens - Gang of Roses
[03:15] 06. Bobby Hagens - A Rose In Berlin
[03:40] 07. Bobby Hagens - The Sky feat. Phil Ade
[02:10] 08. Bobby Hagens - Winter In July
[02:52] 09. Bobby Hagens - Letter to You
[02:44] 10. Bobby Hagens - Just A Dreamer
[01:45] 11. Bobby Hagens - Sweet November
[04:07] 12. Bobby Hagens - Chicago OHare
[03:30] 13. Bobby Hagens - For What its Worth
[02:49] 14. Bobby Hagens - Gang of Roses II
[01:52] 15. Bobby Hagens - Relax Your Mind

002a51bd05b2d8be597cf633a21cd7398ef184b9(2012) Bobby Hagens / My Beautiful Mind (Hip-Hop) [MP3, 128 kbps/CBR] (2012) Bobby Hagens / My Beautiful Mind (Hip-Hop) [MP3, 128 kbps/CBR] " />

Аплоадер: Админ, дата: 11-02-2013, 13:48, торрент скачан: 359 раз

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