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(2004) Human Temple / Insomnia (Melodic Hard Rock) [MP3, 320/CBR]
(голосов: 1)


Исполнитель: Human Temple
Альбом: Insomnia
Тип альбома: Студийный
Год выпуска: 2004
Жанр: Melodic Hard Rock
Страна: Финляндия
Формат: MP3
Битрейт: 320 kbps
Тип битрейта: CBR
Продолжительность: 00:50:01

01. Im Sorry 4:39
02. Goin All The Way 3:47
03. Dream Child 4:39
04. Out Of Love 4:35
05. Desert Rain 5:27
06. Animal 3:40
07. Walk Between The Shadows 3:29
08. Judas My Brother 6:18
09. On A Night Like This 3:47
10. Till The Day I Die 4:40
11. Forever 4:54

Тексты песен:▼
1. Im Sorry
▼One of these days Im gonna say what
I really feel inside.
I have to get these wheels on the road again.
I feel Ive stayed too long but you dont understand,
theres a world outside an its screamin out my name.

I dont expect you to understand, youre just a woman.
So I make it real easy, just watch me when I go.

Im sorry but Im not gonna love you forever,
Im caught between two women and their lies.
I didnt mean to hurt you but this is the last goodbye,
just like you before, Im walking away...

From the start there was something wrong deep in our hearts,
we both knew it but we didnt want to see.
Two hearts together always meant to be, yeah right,
I wanna see how you make it work.


2. Goin All The Way
▼Im a man on the run, burning my bridges down.
Never recognized the things that the others found.
An the lesson Ive learned you have to stay with the one you love.
Dont ever give up, dont ever let it go.

You know I have to beg you on my knees,
and pray for mercy till I bleed,
but I have to know that youre not saying goodbye..

So leave the light on by the window,
I wont be chasing no more shadows, after all,
Im going all the way.
And when I have to leave remember,
Ill always be there for you girl,
after all, Im going all the way.

I was wrong again, I took a trip to the lane of lies.
But you know the truth, you know me from deep inside.
This time I swear Im coming home and I will stay.
Lets turn out the lights and blow the world away.


3. Dream Child
▼Candlelight, it burns my eyes,
hear my call when Im slipping through the times of love,
an times of war, loneliness has been a friend of mine.
Its not your voice that calls me, calls me...

" Feel my dreams, like leaves from the trees
I have seen it all before in the fire.
Cold of the night, fades away all the light,
but Im still sleeping here in the fire..."

Moonlight, is on my side,
a child of night I am the lonely one who loves,
who knows the truth, a clairvoyant of the new millennium.
Its not your voice that calls me, calls me...


4. Out Of Love
▼I live in the shadows, and wait for the dawn.
I dream in colors, think of you when you are gone.
Im losing the daylight, and keep losing you.
I live for the hunger, an die by the truth.

Im runnin around in this circle of lies
everyday a part of me just dies.
I think of those nights when I held you close,
an cry myself to death that I chose.

Just leave me a memory, and Ill always be there.
I loved you a lifetime, you put me thru hell


Out of love, an out of danger.
Out of touch, without the strangers...out of love...

Im getting to nowhere, if Im not with you,
my homes where the heart is, and Ill find it soon.

5. Desert Rain

▼You couldve told me that youre leaving.
Instead I waited up for you.
After days I still keep missing, all the things you used to do.

Thou I live a million lives, Ill never find another one,
who can heal my heart.
An then after million miles, theres million more I have to walk,
till I find my way, find it back again...

Oohh, can y
419ced7436133ab494cb09e00e9c7c0daba8ed04(2004) Human Temple / Insomnia (Melodic Hard Rock) [MP3, 320/CBR] (2004) Human Temple / Insomnia (Melodic Hard Rock) [MP3, 320/CBR] " />

Аплоадер: Админ, дата: 28-05-2010, 17:32, торрент скачан: 359 раз

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